domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

Chapter I – Alexander

“Long ago nine voices or verses emerged from the Chaos. Around them the matter gathered and the universe began. Each voice became conscious of itself and their contemporaries. The first one created the matter so it was called Father. The second voice didn´t create anything; it just existed in the emptiness so it became the Chaos itself. The other seven verses sound in harmony with the first two composing the symphony known as cosmos”.

This story begins in an average school near the countryside. Alexander was an eleven years old kid who studied in there. That day everything went as usual.  The bell to lunch rang. Alexander closed his notebook and went to play soccer with his friends. But first he had to say hi To Caroline, his great love. Alex, as his friends would call him was quite skilled with the ball. He was in the middle of a move when a sudden noise stopped the game. A great meteor was falling not so far away.

The meteor was just the first of a massive attack over the earth. The planet released an army to defend itself from unexpected places. In Alex’s words: “They came out from everywhere. It’s as if our world was connected to another but no one knew about it.” These warriors were as described by legends: Winged people of great beauty and shiny armors. But war is a serious business; cities felt to the ground, most of humans were killed or enslaved. The less became a fragile resistance.

Many years later Alexander became the leader of the resistance. It was not only because of his brains or his natural gift of leadership but mainly because of his skill to use magic. He discovered magic few days after the impact: “I was a little kid when all began. It was really scary. On tv I saw how futile fire weapons were. Then they tried no nuke the invaders. Nothing was working. A man in despair tried to attack them. His rage became fire and he was able to land a hit. Others followed him, inspired by his example. They all died but gave the world a mean to fight back. That day I discovered magic was within me”.

Humankind owes Alexander a lot. Not only he created the first true fighting system again the invaders but he also founded the first free city in the world. The history of his life is large enough to write several books but we only care about the last page he ever wrote in his personal diary:

“After a long lifetime of war I managed to recover the earth for humans. It took us near 50 years to regroup, rearm ourselves and counterattack. Mine is the honor of winning the last battle. Now peace is our greatest treasure. Peace is all we have known for the past 25 years. I’m old so I wish my life sets an example for the coming generations.

Unfortunately a new war might arise soon. I just received reports of attacks coming from the south. I’m old and tired but my soul is still of a warrior. I might be old but powerful magic still flows though my veins. I really hope is not great deal. Otherwise I might as well die in a battlefield.”